Pre-Shift Staff Meeting Notes

Organized answers for your customers, staff or boss when you're asked about wheat straws.

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FAQ from Guests:

  1. Can I use wheat straws in both hot & cold drinks?
    • Yes!
  2. Are wheat straws Gluten Free?
    • Yes. Gluten is only found in the head of the wheat plant. The stem of the plant does not contain gluten.
  3. How long before wheat straws go soggy?
    • Never soggy! Wheat straws actually perform better over time - after a few sips, wheat straws bend like plastic straws.
  4. Can my kid use it?
    • Absolutely (as long as they are old enough to use a normal straw)

FAQ from Staff:

  1. What do we do with the used wheat straws after guests leave?
    • Toss them in with the food scraps. Wheat straws will break-down naturally. 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  2. Should we serve wheat straws with thick drinks like milkshakes & smoothies?
    • No – wheat straws are too narrow for most thick drinks.

2b.  Why don’t they make wheat straws wide enough for milkshakes?

    • Wheat straws aren’t “made” in a factory. They grow naturally on a plant.

Why are wheat straws a Good Environmental Choice?

  • Paper products (such as paper straws) are made from trees & an intense manufacturing process.
  • PLA & Plastic straws often end up in the ocean where they can break down into microplastics and enter the food chain.
  • A wheat straw is simply the stem of the wheat plant. After farmers collect the head of the plant, the stem is leftover...and it's a great natural drinking straw!
  • Every box of Strawphisticated straws purchased = 1 tree planted in a location of your choice.
  • Reduces bar/restaurant waste.

Why are wheat straws a Good Business Decision?

  • Helps to create a positive & unique guest experience (compare that to a negative experience with a plastic straw or a soggy paper straw).
  • Word of mouth advertising – guests notice wheat straws…they talk about them…they share photos on social media. Shines a positive light on your business.
  • At around 3 cents per straw*, wheat straws are affordable and competitively priced (*price per straw varies from 3 to 6 cents, depending on quantity ordered).
  • Your business gets a customized & shareable Tree Planting Certificate.
  • Your business gets access to ready-to-go social media posts that spotlight your business sustainability.

Fun Fact

  • Humans have been drinking from wheat straws for literally thousands of years. From ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, all the way up to our great grandparent’s generation. Wheat straws have just been forgotten about in our current “paper or plastic” era.


Click for a 1 Page PDF version of the text above.