Simple yet

story of wheat

Wheat plants are grown by farmers worldwide for the purpose of food production.

After the harvest, the stem of the wheat plant is leftover. In many countries, these stems are unwanted and burned.

By chance, those leftover wheat stems are fantastic natural drinking straws! We simply cut them to size and sterilize them.

Fire in field of wheat straw

Worldwide, Billions of drinking straws are used every WEEK! The US alone uses an estimated 300-500 million every DAY (mostly paper & plastic).

By serving wheat straws, you are finding a practical use for an agricultural leftover that would have otherwise been burned. 

A smart solution to a big problem.


Did you know humans have been drinking from wheat straws for literally thousands of years?

From ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, all the way up to our great grandparents generation.

Wheat straws have just been forgotten about in our current "paper or plastic" era.

The time has come to bring back WHEAT!

Two men shaking hands in field of wheat

About us

We're a small team with a quirky obsession for drinking straws (weird, we know).
Why drinking straws? Two reasons:

1. Working for a drinking straw company requires lots of straw “testing” (AKA…happy hour).

2. After many years working behind the bar, we have first-hand experience that serving a drink with a paper or plastic straws sucks.

We spent a year searching for small wheat farmers that consistently grow high quality, restaurant-grade wheat stems.

As with all products, not all wheat straws are created equal. We’re proud of our straws quality and guarantee it.
We’d like to invite you to give our wheat straws a try.

Cheers from
the Strawphisticated Team

PS. Remember, every box of Strawphisticated straws you buy = 1 tree planted. Which tree planting location will you choose? CA? CO? FL? OR? MN? Appalachia? CAN? MEX? Europe? Asia? Africa? Learn more.