Are the wheat straws shipped with any bullsh!t plastic packaging?
    • No plastic. No🐂💩

How long before wheat straws get soggy?

    • Never soggy.  Wheat straws get stronger when wet...after a few sips, they become bendy, like a plastic straw.

Can I chuck used wheat straws into a compost?

    • Yes - in a home compost, they will break-down and disappear in around 6 weeks.
Are wheat straws gluten-free?
    • Yes
    • WTF...doesn't gluten come from wheat?
    • Gluten is only found in the head of the wheat plant (the stem doesn't have any gluten).

      An independent lab tests our straws to make sure they are safe (below 5 ppm).

Where is the wheat grown?
    • Northern China
    • Why not home-grown American wheat?
    • Because American farmers don't burn their leftover wheat stems (in China & India, many farmers do).  

      Massive crop-fires (from burning wheat and rice fields) release CO2 and create a real 💩-show of air pollution in cities like Beijing and Delhi.

Are your wheat straws genetically modified (GMO)?
    • No
Do wheat straws work in thick drinks (like smoothies, milkshakes, boba tea)?
    • No, wheat straws are too narrow for thick drinks.
    • Why don't you make a wider straw, for milkshakes?
    • Reminder, we don't "make" wheat straws - there's no factory - they grow naturally on a plant.
    I'm allergic to wheat...should I use wheat straws?
      • If you're allergic to wheat, we suggest discussing it with your doctor first. If there is any way we can help, just let us know.

    Can I eat wheat straws?

      • No - wheat straws are not edible. This becomes obvious the moment you try to bite one. It does not feel like food in your mouth. Imagine biting a plastic straw...a wheat straw has a similar consistency.

    What if I don’t like wheat straws?

      • Hakuna-matata...it means no worries...for 60-days...it's our problem-free...return-policy....hakuna-matata.

        (You've got 60 days to try wheat straws - if you don't like them, send them back for a refund.  Return info on our Quality Guarantee & Returns page)