1. Is there any plastic in the packaging?
    • None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your wheat straws will arrive in an unbleached 100% recyclable corrugated box, printed with environmentally friendly soy ink.
2. Do you offer international shipping to countries outside of the USA?
    • Absolutely!
    • Before purchasing, please send us a quick email at cheers@strawphisticated.com. Let us know which country and we'll email you the best shipping rates we can find for your country.
3. How many wheat straws are in every box?
    • Even though our boxes say "500 pack", if you were to count the straws, you'd find 520. That's twenty bonus straws in every box!
4. What if I decide I don’t like wheat straws?
    • No hard feelings. If you don’t love them, send them back in 60 days for a refund. We stand behind our product and want everyone to have the opportunity to try wheat straws. For more info, see our Quality Guarantee & Returns page.
5. Can I put wheat straws in my home compost bin?
    • You betcha! Home composts and commercial compost facilities are both fine. If a wheat straw was to accidentally end up in the ocean, it would naturally break down and disappear there too.
6. How long do Strawphisticated wheat straws take to disappear in a home compost?
    • That depends how feisty your compost bin is. Ours usually takes around 6 weeks.
7. Are wheat straws suitable for thick drinks like smoothies and milkshakes?
    • No, wheat straws are too narrow for most thick drinks. Hold tight, we've got a smoothie straw in the works. Check back soon.
8a. Are Strawphisticated wheat straws gluten free?
    • Yes! Strawphisticated wheat straws are tested gluten free. In the language of our allergy testing laboratory, “Strawphisticated wheat straws test below the lower limit of quantitation of 5 ppm gluten”. In other words, there is no detectable gluten in the straws. :)
8b. Wait a sec...doesn't gluten come from wheat?...how are wheat straws gluten free?
    • Gluten is only found in the head of the wheat plant. The stem of the plant does not contain gluten.
9. Are Strawphisticated wheat straws genetically modified (GMO)?
    • No, Strawphisticated wheat straws have not been genetically modified.
10a. Where do your straws come from?
    • Northern China
10b. Why don't you use good ol' American wheat?
    • Unlike USA wheat farmers, many countries end up burning their leftover wheat stems. Just like forest fires, these large crop fires release CO2 and contribute towards global climate change. By serving Strawphisitcated wheat straws, you are finding a practical use for a product that would otherwise be burned.
11a. How do you plant 1 tree for every box of straws sold? 
    • We proudly partner with a fantastic non-profit organization, based in Vermont, called "One Tree Planted". Visit the One Box = One Tree page of our website for more info. Or visit One Tree Planted directly at onetreeplanted.org
11b. How will I receive my tree planting certificate?
    • You'll receive an email with your customized tree planting certificate. If you have any special requests for your certificate, just drop us a line at cheers@strawphisticated.com

12. What are some common questions my customers & staff (or boss) may ask about wheat straws?